Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful to Allah

Anak Pak Mat pergi ke pekan, Pergi ke pekan membeli ikan, Kalau nak belajar jangan tertekan, Takut nanti jiwa tertekan. Budak-budak main galah, Galah terjatuh di atas papan, Jangan sekali mudah mengalah, Ingat kejayaan menanti di hadapan. Pergi ke rumah di Taman Jaya, Rumah siapa, rumah si Hajar, Bukan senang nak berjaya, Hargailah masa untuk belajar. Carry mark sudah diberi, Di beri oleh para pensyarah, Yang kurang memuaskan jangan menyendiri, Peluang anda masih lagi cerah. Pantun saya bukanlah bagus sangat, Hanya sekadar memberi semangat, Semoga exam anda menjadi hangat, Doa dan usaha haruslah sepakat. Sebelum Kita mengarut lagi, Baik Kita mengundur diri, Selamat Berjaya sekali lagi, Dari rakan mu yang rajin sekali.

-alif hebat-

i got 'pantun' from alif fauzi @ aliff hebat . i appreciate it :)

Today is 1st NOV. My first result for dis sem was coming out :)I should thanks to Allah for giving dats result.

Alhamdulillah i passed all subject .

wani , dalila and ainafiq

"Dont be sad bcs of you are not perform very well to get dean list . What u get now is better than your hardness .It's a reality and u should accept it with heartless (kejam) your open minded :")"


look at my language skill ! i got B not B+ . wht i have now, ill try better in the future :)

 i have a  good sister .She gave me some advices .She always do . I remembered that she says ," jangan tinggalkan al-quran , solat wajib  dan kalau ada masa buat solat Dhuha ", In Shaa Allah . I did and may Allah bless us .

congrats to my sis , Aina Afiqah .I am proud of him . So far , she got all dean list and she's only have one sem only . I believe it tht she can do it . self reminder for me too :)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

october filled w tears :'(

I mean tears of happiness/joy , sadness n overwhelmed . Currently ,I guess I'm the luckiest person . Why ?

my birthday is on the Eid Adha :) .On thats day everyone wished me happy Birthday , n actually its mayb bcs of timeline's fb . I dont care bcs they have a noble heart to give some special words  :) thanks guy

even i got early wishes , i appreciate it . muah !

after final exm on 11 october ' loves

feeling overwhelmed when i got translation of the Holy Quran from fatin , also pooh by azlina . whole classmates gave me the awesome card n cake !!
w aliyah razil . the cutest :)

Home sweet home . I bought Tiramisu cake at pekan with annis and edrina . Actually i want to suprise my parents and tadaaa .... the party was began ......

1 2 3

dear video , u r no move ?

my Queen's Birthday !! happy birthday MA , ABAH also :)

- sad ending of love story on 13th oct 2013 . i watched this movie and im feeling so sad on next days not thts day , idk why -

 dear A.S.B ilysm  n i hope thts feeling will disappear without noticing Thank you :'(

Friday, October 25, 2013


my old blog is spam  :)

first Post .

Idk why i got those tittle " purpleMind " ...
Actually i just look at my head left right side and i saw such a pretty viva i though thought .
It's purple colour and dats why i put " purpleMind " .
 In dis case , i am bored thts why i hve a new blog .
New style ...
New life . WOu ! :)